General idea.

Ever heard of music therapy? Well, music is creeping in the escort industry too! Researchers have noted that over time music has proven to induce a feeling of pleasure in the brain. This kind of pleasure reaches adrenaline-charged levels when experiencing any other activity such as sex.

Some pornstar escorts in London know of this click for source . Others make use of music unconscious of the effect it has. Most men flow by the sweet tunes of music. At the same time their nerves calm automatically as they relax awaiting pleasure. Pornstar escorts on the other hand, find music helpful as it helps them get rid of distractions. Either way, both parties benefit largely from the music playing in the background.


Though a good idea, London escorts should not choose any random music for their sexual encounters. Choices made are well thought, otherwise you as an escort might end up ruining the idea. Escorts in London should study each client and find the relevant music. Here are a few things escorts need to know about music and what they ought to do.

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London escorts should familiarise with their client`s preferences.

Clients have different tastes of music genres, so do Pornstar escorts! It’s upon the escort to choose the genre that appeals to both of them. For music to work its magic, the client and the escort have to enjoy. The simplest and most correct way of determining the genre is asking the client.

Men have very limited opinions when it comes to music types. As pornstar escorts services by would assume you have earlier experience get more info   , you should guide your client so. Choose romantic tunes, they will work out just fine considering the situation at hand.

People have different tastes.

Some pornstar escorts of London have a liking for certain radio stations. The bad thing about radio stations is that the client may have his favourite station different from yours. Some broadcasts in your favourite radio station may also not be appealing to the client.

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Some may even disadvantage your meeting for they may serve as distractions. Avoid them for distractions can hurt the romantic process and result to dissatisfaction. In view of this, create your own playlist instead of relying on radio stations.

Activities planned should take consideration of the songs in mind.

Various songs bring about different feelings and moods. As an elite London escort, take note of this as it helps in planning the activities of the day. Some songs for instance, may spark the need to do a lap dance while some invite a strip-tease. Know your songs well and arrange them in order of activities and things will flow just fine.


Songs with lyrics are better compared to those with heavy beats and a lot or rapping. Words do sink and when they are love songs, the better. You might find yourself joining in but make sure you are really good at it! If you can’t sing well, avoid singing.

Some men get turned on by listening to women sing. Watch out for any signs of rejection and if you notice any cut it off. Where there are signs of appreciation, sing along and enjoy the moment.

Instrumentals need some priority.

At times the mind gets carried away in interpreting lyrics. Instrumentals work out fine for there are no lyrics. This way the mind is fully engrossed in any activities being conducted by the London escort. That way, the client gets real pleasure and the escort does what she knows best without distractions. Many instrumental versions to various songs are found online. Download a few and you will get surprised by how good they sound and the levels of concentration you will meet.